John Bergmeier

John Bergmeier

'Psalm 51: 1-12 Create In Me A Pure Heart O God', Screen print on handmade paper and cloth, collaged screen print and thread.

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John Bergmeier is a printmaker and graphic artist currently based in North Carolina. He works with various graphics, photographs, implements and other materials, assimilating these into his art as symbols and reference points, often incorporating a mixed media and three-dimensional approach.

What was your first experience of printmaking?

Probably some potato prints in grade school, but more formally at Hastings College doing screen prints and intaglio.

What inspires you as an artist?

I'm inspired by the colors found on a old magazine that belonged to my Grandmother, tools that belonged to my Father and photos of old friends. I'm inspired by an Old Testament reading in the Sunday worship service. I'm inspired by words in a Johnny Cash song and listening to Radiohead.

What are you working on at present?

I'm in the process of collecting a series of images that I will use in my next series of prints, tentatively named "More shortcuts and tips for a happy life". I'm planning on doing the prints as screen prints with some digital transfers and possibly hand coloring.

John Bergmeier 2

'Psalm 31: 9-16 I Am In Distress, My Bones Are Weak', Linocut and screen print with thread.

What is special about printmaking?

For me the process and steps involved in making the images is the attraction. The same things that drive non-printmakers nutty like carving a linocut, etching and reworking plates, burnishing highlights in an aquatint, the steps that require time and effort...I love.

What is your favourite printmaking process, and why?

The way that I do my screen prints...intuitive, seemingly random and multi-layered. I love the way that I can make immediate decisions on building up the layers image by image as I'm printing in almost a painterly manner.

What prompted you to take part in the International Print Exchange?

I like the fact that the paper and image sizes are limited and pre-determined so that I don't have to fret over those things! Since the first IPE exchange that I entered, the prints that I've received are high quality and it's always exciting to receive them. The Green Door folks are so awesome...the presentation and packaging are great. I like the International aspect of it as well, receiving prints from all over the world.

John Bergmeier 3

'EROS - heart', Screen print with applied gold film

What is your favourite colour?

I tend to favor warm colors and black.

What is your favourite paper and ink?

I really don't like to spend a lot of money on paper! I have been happy with Rising Stonehenge due to it's sizing and the way that it accepts digital transfers. Akua Intaglio and Gamblin Relief inks work very well for me.

What kind of music do you listen to whilst printmaking?

My music tastes are varied and of my favorite CDs to listen to in the studio is "Luna Live".

Who is your favourite printmaker?

Robert Rauschenberg

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