About Us

A History...


The IPE was founded by and is dedicated to David Michael Johnson.

In 2009, David sent out our original call for interest to printmakers from all over the world on 28th February 2009 with the hopes that a few would be interested in a small studio based in the United Kingdom organising such an event.

Within just 24 hours, we received over 400 positive emails from national and international printmakers. Such a response surpassed even our wildest expectations and prompted the beginning of our first International Print Exchange in 2009.

David was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after our first exchange was completed, and after a precious few months with his family around him, he sadly passed away on 4th June 2010.

Unfortunately, David's sudden illness took away his chance of ever seeing the fruition of our second IPE in late 2010, nor any other subsequent exchanges.

Even though David is no longer with us, we have continued his legacy and every year we dedicate each exchange in his memory.


— Green Door Printmaking Studio

How it works...

Each participating printmaker creates and submits a limited edition of ten prints specifically for the exchange. These prints are created using a recognised fine art printmaking technique with archival materials. Of the ten prints submitted, Green Door Printmaking Studio keeps two; the first for our archive and exhibition; the second for sale to fund future exchange projects (in return, if sold, this printmaker will receive free entry to the following year's exchange).

The remaining prints are randomised and sorted, and each printmaker receives eight random prints in return from all printmakers all over the world.