Do I need to confirm that I intend to participate in the IPE?

If you have already registered your interest in the IPE then you need do no more. If you have not yet made contact with the IPE Team then it will help us if you at least provide your name, contact email address and location prior to submitting your print edition. We will then be able to contact you directly with any changes or updates to the submission timetable.


Why is there no assigned theme for the IPE submission?

We wanted to keep things simple and make it open to as many contributors as possible.


Why is the IPE un-juried?

We want to make our exchange open to as many contributors as possible. In order to jury the exchange we would have to recruit one or more printmakers of international repute to act as jurors. At the moment this is beyond the resources of our small print studio but may be considered for future exchanges.


Why have you chosen such a small edition size?

There are several reasons for choosing an edition size of ten for the IPE: partly to keep postage costs to a minimum, partly to ensure that this exchange is open to as many printmakers as possible but, primarily, because we have been so exacting about the other guidelines.


Why have you chosen a square print size?

This is mainly to eliminate the portrait / landscape issue from exhibition presentation. You are not required to fill the print area so can still present your image as either portrait or landscape if you wish.


Why do you insist in the guidelines that the print should have a clear print margin?

There are several reasons: to facilitate mounting and framing of the prints for exhibition, to make print registration more technically exacting and because we think it is aesthetically more pleasing.


Why do you exclude digital prints from the IPE?

The IPE is a celebration of hands-on printmaking processes. As the guidelines explain, it is fine to include digital work as part of the image making process provided that the final physical print is not produced using an exclusively digital print process.


Can I still take part in the IPE if my printmaking technique is not listed in the guidelines?

We have listed several of the main processes in the guidelines. If yours is not specifically mentioned and you have any doubts about its acceptance please contact the IPE Team for guidance.


Why must I use more expensive archival paper for my prints?

This is partly to ensure the lasting quality of prints that will be held in an archive and also to reflect a pride in the quality of your work.


Why have you made an exception for hand-made paper?

Several printmakers have indicated an intention to print on paper hand-made especially for the IPE. Although, invariably, this paper will not be archival we have made this an exemption as a mark of respect for the effort involved and the dedication of these printmakers.


Why must I sign and edition my prints the way you describe?

Although there are no rigid standards for signing and editioning prints we have chosen one of the most universally accepted formats in order to provide a coherent style across the whole submission.


What type of costs will the submission fee cover?

The submission fee will cover the cost of packaging for the return of your exchange prints. Other costs covered by the submission fee will include accommodation hire and secure storage of print submissions for the duration of the exchange process, additional insurance cover, and web site design and exhibition promotion.

Why have you chosen PayPal as your preferred payment method?

PayPal is fast, secure and overcomes currency conversion problems for all non-UK contributors. Other methods of payment are available for applicants without PayPal accounts.


I am participating internationally but do not have a PayPal account. How do I send my administration fee and return postage in GBP (£)?

Unfortunately, due to own experiences on IPE2009 international money order payment is no longer accepted. Therefore, if you cannot pay via PayPal please enclose (at your own risk) concealed cash (GBP only). If you have an alternative method that you would like us to consider please clear this with the IPE Team before submitting your print edition.


Why do you specify a received by date for print submissions and not the more usual postage date?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your submission is posted in good time to arrive at Green Door Printmaking Studio by 12 Noon (GMT) on the selected deadline date. The IPE Team reserves the right to return any unopened prints that do not arrive by this date & time. This will ensure that the IPE Team is able to commence the task of redistributing prints to participants without delay.


How will I know if my prints have arrived safely before the submission date & time?

All print submissions will be acknowledged on the day of receipt to your primary email address.


What will happen to my edition of ten prints?

The IPE Team will retain two (2) prints for exhibition (& sale) and archive. The remaining eight (8) prints will be randomly distributed to other participants as part of their portfolio of returned exchange prints.


Will the prints I receive in the exchange be printed using the same techniques used for my print edition?

The prints you receive in return will be selected at random using a variety of print techniques and not necessarily including your own technique.


Can I be sure that the prints I receive as part of the exchange will be of the same standard as the prints I submitted?

The prints you receive in return will be selected at random. The only exceptions to this are that we will not send you one of your own prints or a print from within an identified studio or print community to which you belong. Inevitably, if you are an experienced printmaker with high technical and artistic ability some of the prints you receive will be of a lower standard. This is normal in any un-juried print exchange.


Where will the prints be exhibited and will I be able to attend?

Each year we host an exhibition at our studios. Further information will be posted on the IPE website and our dedicated Facebook page as it becomes available, together with invitations to attend exhibition events. A virtual gallery of all print submissions will be made available online on completion of the exchange.


I do not have an email address. Can you contact me by post?

Email is the most convenient method of communication for those that have ready access to the internet. However, if you do not have an email address or internet access, we can accept a postal address as the primary means of communication but can accept no responsibility for delays beyond our control.


How do I contact the IPE Team?

The IPE Team can be contacted by several methods:

Email to
By writing on the Green Door IPE Facebook wall
Via our Twitter: @greendoorstudio
You can also follow us on Instagram: @greendoorstudios