Harriet Brigdale

birch trees II lino

'Birch Trees II', Linocut

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Harriet Brigdale is a painter/printmaker born in Holland, who moved to England in the late 60's. Her work is inspired by her surroundings; from her garden to cracks in the pavement.

What was your first experience of printmaking?

My parents were artists, so potato and lino prints were my first tries at a printmaking process.

What inspires you as an artist?

Its either etching, lino printing or litho printing, can't quite make up my mind.

What inspires you as an artist?

Everything around me, plants, stones odd bits of pavements or cracks on old walls. Painted lines on station platforms, my cat and shadows on the wall. And just about anything else.


Garden Theft Series, Lithographs

How would you describe your creative process?

First there is a glimmer of an idea,I then start to explore this, and usually things go either very well or utterly wrong, I then persevere and sometimes its still not right, but fortunately most of them things work out ok. Its a confusing process with lots of twists and turns.

What's the best thing about being a printmaker?

The wonderful and unexpected and exciting moment when you lift the paper from the etching, litho or lino plate.

What are you working on at present?

I am preparing work for the Society of Graphic Fine Art's Bankside Gallery exhibition in June, and the Menier Gallery show in October. I am also giving summer classes and we will be experimenting with repeat lino printing on fabric, so I am preparing for this as well.

What prompted you to take part in the International Print Exchange?

I love receiving the envelope of exchange prints, I have been doing print exchanges for many years in eluding the Miami University Print exchange, the prints were A3 size, lovely.

What was your inspiration for your IPE print this year?

I really like dragons and other strange beasts, they are an endless inspiration for an artist. I hope other people like it as well.

Tell us about your studio...

I work in my conservatory and print in my beautiful wooden purpose build studio, both have a wonderful view of my garden.


'Mask', Monoprint

harriet Brigdale Studio2

Favourite subject matter?
Anything but not portraits.

Favourite printmaking paper?
Somerset grey printmaking paper

Favourite ink?
Intaglio safe wash etching ink, and TN Lawrence lino ink.

Favourite colour?

Favourite printmaker / artist?

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